Jaša Tomić, formerly Modoš (Hungary) is a settlement in Serbia in the municipality of Sečanj in the Central Banat Administrative District. According to the 2011 census, there were 2373 inhabitants. Jaša Tomić is a border town. The Romanian border is about one kilometer from the village east. The settlement is near the Tamiš River. The village was named after Jaša Tomić, a politician from the 19th century. Before that the settlement was called Modos.

The village is known for the flood that occurred in 2005 when the river Tamiš also flooded and flooded a large part of the settlement. It was the largest flood in Banat in the last hundred years.

In addition to the Orthodox Church in the village, the Roman Catholic Church was built in 1911, which is in poor condition due to age.

Jaša Tomić is located at an altitude of 81 meters. To the west of the village is the Krajisnik village, about 10 kilometers away, to the south of Sečanj and Šurjan, 12 and 7 kilometers away. The nearest big city is Zrenjanin, 41 km away.

The land is plain, alluvial, composed of sand, sand, wood and clay. The surface layer of the soil is mainly Banatski Černozem (about 75%).