The Tamiš River, which, as a typical lowland plain, flows in many ways, creates numerous sleeves, dead streams, barbed areas and similar forms of plain waters. But it is precisely this character that allows for a kind of tourist “connection” of the settlements along the stream and the possibility of planning a visit to different cultural and historical units, which is very important for a potential tourist. The valley of the Tamiš river in the part of the stream in Serbia is divided into several zones.

The city center is the city of Zrenjanin. The municipality of Zrenjanin consists of 22 settlements, some of which lie on the coast of Tamis.

Tamiš, at the entrance to Serbia, flows through the municipality of Secanj.

Opovo Municipality is one of the smallest municipalities in Vojvodina and consists of four settlements.

Fishpond Uzdin

Birds can be seen at this location throughout the year: nesting, spring and autumn migrations, winter guests.

Over 160 species of birds have been recorded at this site. Types of wetland habitats are mostly represented

Represented types of moist habitats (Grebe, Anseriformes, Heron, Cormorant, Rallidae, Charadriiformes).