In the zone of Uzdin, there are a large number of barbed surfaces, meanders as well as a big fishpond, so it is almost impossible to follow the course of the river without a guide and knowing the seasonal weather conditions. Therefore, in this zone, we are transferred again to the right side of Tamiš, and the next path is the Orlovat trail that can be mastered in two ways: the asphalt route from Orlov, through Tomaševec to Botoš, and then it is 11.2 km long and directly from Orlovat to Botoš by the Polish way and then it is 9.2 km long. Another trail “Uzdin” leads from the Tamišha coast to Uzdin around the fishpond, through the center of the city to the road to Tomaševac and it is 11.5 km long.