In this zone, we are returning to the possibility of connecting all the pedestrian-biking trails in the valley of the Tamiš River. Also, here we have a new quality, which is the possibility of walking from one side and the other side of the river because there are defensive embankments on both sides of the Tamiš. With this note, tourists need to be informed about the fact that from one side of the river to another it is possible to cross only on the constitution in Tomaševac and across the bridge in Se
anj. There are several trails in this zone: The first one is Banatski Despotovac, which can reach the border and it is 24.4 kilometers long from the beginning to the end, but it can be divided into two stages. From B.Despotovec to Sečanj length is 9.2km, and from Se
anj to the border 15.2 kilometers. The second is the “Boka” track, which is an asphalt road. Unfortunately, I must say that this convenience of walks on both sides of the river exists from the catastrophic floods that hit this region in 2005.