Starting from the Baranda fishpond parking lot (where the bird begins to be seen from the fishpond or a few kilometers away from the baked place), and through it a dike from the other side of the fish pond can reach the Sakula with 6.2 km long course (for passage In this zone it is, however, easiest to go by the path of “Sakule” which, in fact, is the route from Opovo to Idvor in the length of 19.7 kilometers that ends in the center of Idvor in front of the National House of Mihajlo Pupin. The path can be seen in the fishponds in Baranda and Sakulas where birds can be seen.Baranda has a movie studio and locations where many contemporary series and films have been filmed, from Sakula, following the coast of Tukos that runs parallel to the Tamis and makes an interesting network of watercourses and meanders with a 8.3 km long course or not particularly loaded through 6.8 km to reach Idvor where the Mihailo Pupin Museum can be visited. Sailing in this zone is performed on the left bank of the Tamiš, and the trails are even more uneven than the trails in the previous zones. Unfortunately, the connection between the zones and the possibility of uninterrupted walks or ride in the valley of the Tamiš River stops here.