Farkaždin is a settlement of the town of Zrenjanin in the Central Banat District. According to the 2011 census, there were 1179 inhabitants.

Farkaždin is an old Serbian town, on the right bank of the Tamiš River, in a people called Kurjakovo, whose original name was long ago a pomegranate, from the Hungarian word farkas which means a wolf or a turkey. Sometimes the richest family was Kurjački, whose members also engaged in trade. In the 18th century, there were a few hamlets in the village, which were short. Thus, on the map of Banat in 1737, Variak was drawn as the nearest current position of the city, and farther away in the direction of Čenta is Mikolak. Farkaždin was allegedly inhabited by the authorized officer Andreja Grunić around 1750. In 1773, the village was included in the Illyrian pedestrian, and three years later in the German-Banat regiment, based in Pančevo.

He is known for several Orthodox temples in Farkaždin. Today’s Orthodox Church was built in 1847-1850. year, and like all previous ones, is dedicated to the Feast of the Holy Virgin. It is not known for sure that the iconostasis painted in the Farcadian church. The Serbian National School with teaching in the Serbian language exists since 1772. In the first half of the 19th century Farkaždin, thanks to the engagement of priests from the Jovanović family and merchants from the Ivković family, a prenumeral (subscription) checkpoint for the procurement of newspapers and books was highlighted.

The Church Singing Society was founded in 1880, and the Volunteer Firefighter was officially registered in 1889. The post office was opened in the village in 1907. Railway station on the new line Titel – Orlovat, since 1925.