1. Provincial review of the “Peoples of My Peoples” recital – Sečanj, April
Traditional manifestation held in Secanj. About 200 best reciters from Vojvodina are participating, who recite poetry in their native language, Serbian or in the languages ​​of national minorities and ethnic communities of Vojvodina.

2. International Theater Festival “GEST” – September, April
Gest Theater Club brings together young creative people who have organized festivals that present performances of theater plays to the audience every year with an innovative theme.

3. Worst Hands – Sečanj, Jun
Mini-ethno fair where exhibitors represent traditional food, home-made products (wines, brandy, cheese, honey, etc.), flowers, ethno and handicrafts. It gathers exhibitors from all over Vojvodina.

4. Tamiška regata – Jaša Tomić, July
It has been traditionally held for over ten years. The river Tamiš from Jaša Tomić to Pančevo is about 120 km long.

5. Art colony “GEST” – September, August
It is traditionally held every summer. It gathers artists in the more mature creative years, as well as those artists who belong to the younger generation, professors of art academies and students.

6. Tamiški dani – September, September
Visitors have the opportunity to attend cultural and artistic programs, sports events, mini-ethno fairs, to compete in fishing and cooking fish soup, as well as to enjoy pop and rock concerts.

7. Tamiški kotlić – Jaša Tomić, September
The tradition of celebrating the glory of the city when the town was liberated from the occupation in 1944. In addition to local music orchestras, good songs and games, a traditional cooking competition for fish soup is organized.

8. Festival of traditional theater forms “FETRA” – Jaša Tomić, September
Fetra is a cultural and artistic event organized by the Association of amateur amateurs of Vojvodina and where “Dr. Borislav Jankulov” from Jaša Tomić. Visitors have the opportunity to see a large number of amateur theater performances from Vojvodina.

9. Mitrovdan Meetings – September, November
The tradition of marking Mitrovdan as the church glory of the city has grown into “Mitrovdanske susrete”, a manifestation marking the arrival of colonists after the Second World War in Banat.

10. Meetings of writers from the border – September, November
The event traditionally brings together writers from Serbia and Romania. It is being held in Sečanj and Timisoara for more than twenty years.